We were thrilled to see the creativity and enthusiasm for our first ever creative challenge blog post with the Spooktober theme!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and shared your artistry with us, both in our Facebook group and on Instagram using the hashtag #curiouscreativechallenge.

We had a blast looking through all of your photographic submissions and seeing how you captured the spooky spirit of the season. A few submissions truly stood out to us, stunning us with their originality, artistry and embodiment of the theme. 
We hope you get inspired by them as much as we did!

  by @julianicola
Fairytale fantasy portrait of a woman against a crescent moon
   by @jajasgarden
model, Makeup, Hair: @ggitsamyg
black Feather Headpiece: @blackunicorndesigns
black Elizabethan Collar: @videnoircouture
claws: @lorysunartistry
cosplay creative fairytale fantasy image by Jiamin Zhu
model: @damonnelson
✩ Actions used: Blush of Rose & Twilight Dreams

purple butterflies on face creative photograph by dominika mishka using color tones by onlythecurious
 by  @mishka.photo
✩ Action used: Moonstruck
✩ Digital backdrop: Distant Memory

Fairytale portrait by Menna Hossam featuring beautiful headpiece and raven
model: @katya_mozhina
dress and headpiece: @_black_mart_
makeup artist: @natalitima_spb
raven: @ns_animals_spb
✩ Action used: Wild Spring & Midwinter’s Moon

Conceptual and creative photography image by Kathy Giannoulis
 by  @kathyservianphotography
✩ Action used: Wild Spring

Creative conceptual image by Julia Fort
by @julianicola  
models: @gwynblath @alpravena
fox models: @hodowla_lisow
light @giem.n
✩ Action used: Moonstruck

Creative Midjourney image by Nathalie Bernard using color tones by onlythecurious
✩ Action used: Moonstone

Stranger Things inspired photography by Brodie Sian Taberner using color tones by onlythecurious
  by @brodiesianart
✩ Action used: Hi Billy

Birdeye photograph by Sarah J Rocca - self portrait with skull - using color tones by onlythecurious
  by Sarah J Rocca @vividviewproductions
✩ Actions used: Apparition and Ghostly Pale

Halloween inspired portrait by Ricalous Lewis using color tones by onlythecurious
Creative photography by Jacklyn Lune inspired by Halloween and autumn season, young woman with candle, using color tones by onlythecurious
 by  @jacklynlune.photos
✩ Action used: Midsummer Rain

Halloween and Autumn inspired portrait by Alicia Backlund using color tones by onlythecurious
by @thezenyogamuse 
✩ Action used: Orange Dahlia

Fiery creative conceptual photography set by Jonny Edward with candles and body paint using color tones by onlythecurious
  by @jonnycreative
✩ Actions used: Golden Age & Marigold Light

Eerie fall, autumnal conceptual photograph by Stasia Schmidt, self portrait with skull, using color tones by onlythecurious
  by @stasia.schmidt
✩ Action used: La Vie En Rose

Creative and playful Wizard of Oz inspired photo set by Pascal in field with pumpkins using color tones by onlythecurious
halloween inspired photography by jacklyn lund candle vampire using color toning actions by onlythecurious
✩ Actions used: Twilight & Garden of Paradise

We are continuously amazed by this community's talent and grateful that you choose to share it with us. Looking forward to next month's creative challenge and seeing more of your inspired work!
To join the November Creative Challenge check our Facebook Group it's for only the curious!

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