❝The key to a fulfilling artistic journey is constantly pushing yourself to learn new skills and techniques❞

Our online courses are designed to assist you in this process in a fun and accessible manner, offering self-paced video lessons, interactive Photoshop files, and exclusive Photoshop Actions.

No. 1 | The Color Course

Would you like to have complete control over the color-grading process and bring your creative visions to life?

Learn how to take your color skills from idea to execution with Bella Kotak’s three-part video series. Using her own work as examples, Bella shares her expertise on everything from the psychology of color selection to the techniques for achieving desired looks using Photoshop tools.

With Bella’s guidance, color-grading will become a fun and exciting part of your creative workflow.

The Color Course Includes:

3 Educational Videos in 4K

1 Follow-Along PSD File

1 Exclusive Photoshop Action

No. 2 | Color With Bella

Looking for a hands-on approach to perfecting your color-grading workflow?

Edit along with Bella Kotak in real time as she takes you through the process of creating a unique color palette in Photoshop. Get a glimpse into her artistic process and learn about the tools she uses as she makes adjustments layer by layer.

Color With Bella breaks down the complex color grading process so anyone can learn it by pairing follow-along style videos with corresponding .psd files and exclusive Photoshop Actions.

Color With Bella Includes:

3 Educational Videos in 4K

3 Follow-Along PSD Files

3 Exclusive Photoshop Actions

No. 3 | The Skin Retouching Course

Do you struggle with skin retouching and feel it takes up too much of your time?

In this course, Bella Kotak will guide you through her favorite tools, techniques, and workflow tips for professional-level skin cleaning and editing. You can follow along and edit alongside Bella to make the process as uncomplicated and efficient as possible.

The Skin Retouching Course offers a user-friendly approach that ensures you can quickly grasp the content and acquire skills to boost your creativity and business.

The Skin Retouching Course Includes:

1 Educational Video in 4K

1 Follow-Along PSD File

Pratik Naik’s Retouching Actions & Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

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