From the founder...

Just as how we as creatives grow and shift, so has the vision and direction for this platform. onlythecurious had its beginnings once upon a time as Fine Art Actions, and later The Color Lab. 

Once just happy to be all about actions, and later, expanding with educational videos, as my skill set has grown so has my confidence to share all that I’ve learnt with you both within and outside the world of color! 

This platform has been a long time coming. Its driven by the dreams that I want to make come true, a journey that I'd love for us to embark on together.

I've always wanted to expand into a new space where I can explore and share all the other storytelling elements that contribute to beautiful, timeless, and masterful photography. 

As someone who enjoys discovering beauty in the unexpected, our relaunch as onlythecurious felt like the next step forward into a name that feels more in tune with who we are, who we want to be, and the culture we want to cultivate with our community! This will be a platform that will push me out of my comfort zone and along the way, I hope out of yours too!

This time I am joined by a new team of like-minded lovely creatives who will be working with me to create and curate beautiful color tones, education for efficient post process workflows, community spotlights, playlists for when you want to get in the creative zone, and much more! Please check out the team page to get to know us a little :)

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey and big love to you if you’ve been here from the very beginning!

Stay curious friends!

With love,

Bella x

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