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Founded by artists Bella Kotak and Pratik Naik, onlythecurious is a creative brand for photographers by photographers. Our goal and passion is to contribute to your creative journey and growth with our curated selection of handcrafted color-grading Photoshop actions, digital backdrops, educational videos and more!

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dark | moody | cinematic

I prefer colors that evoke a film-like atmosphere and convey a cinematic narrative.

bright | soft | whimsical

I'm attracted to a light, bright aesthetic balanced with pastel, ethereal, and muted tones.

playful | warm | dramatic

I'm open to exploring bolder tones and dramatic transformations to expand my creative horizon.

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Here at onlythecurious we love teaming up with talented working photographers to bring tools that transform your creative visions into reality with ease!

✤ Enhance your storytelling with our...

✦ Photoshop Actions

Enhance your images with captivating and unique color tones full of narrative depth while simplifying the color grading process and streamlining your workflow.

✦ Online Courses

Our online courses are designed to assist you in this process in a fun and accessible manner, offering self-paced video lessons, interactive Photoshop files, and exclusive Photoshop Actions.

✦ Digital Backdrops

Inspired by dramatic storytelling skies, old fine art paintings, and more, these versatile digital backdrops will add the next level of storytelling to your studio images!

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Immerse yourself in the artwork our community is creating.

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