Artist owned + operated

A true creative collaboration, onlythecurious is completely comprised of members of our artist community.

founder | product designer | chief curator | always curious

Bella Kotak

Founder of onlythecurious, Bella is an award winning fine art, fashion and portrait photographer.

Since discovering her love of photography over a decade ago and the storytelling and impactful power of beautiful color toning, she wanted to share this passion with other creatives via actions and educational videos. Her goal is to make retouching and color toning a fun and super efficient part of the post processing workflow, while also spotlighting the incredible work from our supportive and inspiring community!

When Bella is not creating actions you’ll find her in her magic room creating props, planning her next shoots, or in some English country garden or field taking pictures of faeries, cats, and flowers! 

marketing mastermind | product developer | resident renaissance man

Jeff Lazell

Jeff Lazell is a passionate photographer and marketer who has worked in the industry for over eighteen years. He has worked closely with more than 20 photographic brands, gaining a comprehensive understanding of both sides of the business. Jeff has a deep appreciation for how science and art come together in photography and enjoys helping brands and photographers find and share their unique stories.

These days he mainly spends his free time pursuing street photography, wrenching on cars, reading books, or savoring a glass of whiskey.

creative advisor | web support | all 'round badass

Arianna Vetere

Arianna is an ambitious and spirited Fashion + Advertising Photographer whose work centers around breathing new life into traditional stories and exploring the human experience.

Outside of her professional life, Arianna is a passionate student of the arts, an explorer of Brooklyn's vibrant streets, and a curator of antique trinkets and pieces. In her free time, she can be found cooking, reading, practicing archery, or spending time with her family, friends, and dog, Apollo.

Social Media Strategist | Community Builder | Content Creator | Creativity Advocate

Kelly Merole

Kelly is a dynamic and empathetic graphic designer with a background in marketing and a passion for social media. With over 8 years of experience in creative industries, she’s not only adept at crafting compelling visuals but also a keen observer of what drives creatives to succeed.

Her mission is to empower individuals to transform their creative visions into reality, ensuring they have the tools and support they need. Kelly’s infectious enthusiasm not only boosts morale but also ignites a sense of purpose in the creative community she engages with. She’s all about creating spaces where artists can thrive.

Whether she’s crafting captivating self-portraits or content with DIY props, experimenting with makeup looks, doodling, creating beautiful calligraphy, or gracefully gliding on ice as a figure skater. Kelly’s a true jack of all trades. She’s also a fervent gallery and concert-goer who revels in the energy of live music performances and fine art, infusing her work with the same vibrancy and passion.