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"There has to be a visceral, emotional component to the image – I want to look at an image and wonder who that person is and what they are feeling..."


Kate Woodman

Kate Woodman is a US based conceptual photographer. Her cinematic style is centered around narrative storytelling, nostalgia, vernacular architecture, and a strong use of emotive color.

She is a storyteller. Always striving to create powerful narrative imagery that connects you to your humanity while paradoxically helping you escape it. When worlds don’t exist, she makes them up in Photoshop.

Kate is also a practical polymath & educator. She is a full time photographer, director, digital artist, art director & retoucher; part time stylist, set designer, location scout, composite artist, producer with an obsession with color theory and the science behind it.

She has created numerous tutorials, embarked on speaking engagements and the occasionally residency as a collegiate professor.


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IG: @katewoodman_photo