Hi friends, it's Bella! I'm so pleased to introduce the creator of our onlythecurious Spotify playlist, Frances, as well as to share her wonderfully inspiring interview!

I was first introduced to Frances through Pratik. They had worked together on a photoshoot and he was really impressed with how multi-faceted her creativity was. In their conversations, Frances happened to mention that she had a passion for making playlists, so after the shoot, we checked out some of the ones she had made on Spotify. I instantly connected with Frances' choice of music and curation style, and her playlists became my go-to during our trip to South Africa and Namibia in January of 2022.

Whether I was watching the world pass by through a car window, feeling the sun on my face, or standing at the edge of an endless canyon, I found myself thinking that she had a song for everything; a playlist that somehow embodied the human experience. While it would be another few months before I'd get to meet her in person, I felt like I had already connected with Frances through her choice in music and how she curated it.

One of my goals when we decided to relaunch as onlythecurious was to curate playlists for our community. I wanted to give you what Frances had given me; music to inspire every moment. Whether you're prepping for photoshoots, getting "the shot", or settling into the comforting, quiet, and creative post process, I hope to have a playlist that will connect with and inspire you. 

In the summer of 2022, I finally met Frances and was immediately taken by her passion for creativity. I invited her to put something together for our main onlythecurious playlist and she did not disappoint! It's been my go-to listen for months, and it gives me great pleasure to share it with you!

So... let's meet the person behind the playlist. 

Hi Frances! Tell us a little something about yourself. Who are you, what do you love to do, and what inspires you?

I dabble in photography, curation, art direction - I’m just a girl exploring different ways to express herself creatively and connect with others through it. I love creating and curating anything that can serve as a bridge to those around me. Whether it’s for us to experience a similar emotion or share an experience or find things that connect us together, I want everything I create to help us all feel a little bit closer to each other. I’m inspired by aesthetics and the senses and how they interplay with emotion.



You have such a beautiful talent for curating a sound style. What goes through your mind when you're putting together your playlists? 

For me, music is a capsule of emotion. I want my playlists to evoke feelings tied to a place, experience, era, person, dream - anything. When I am putting together a playlist, I am focusing on how the songs individually and collectively make me feel and how I’d like them to make my listener feel. I am aiming to create a cohesive vibe - something seamless and easily identifiable. 


I love the main character vibes you manage to capture in your playlists, which is why you were the first person I considered to curate a playlist for onlythecurious. Tell us, what was your inspiration for this particular playlist? 

When you asked me to curate a playlist for onlythecurious, I started with the brand and the words themselves and what feelings they evoked in myself. I wanted something dreamy, probing, soft, vulnerable, a little visceral, and a little exotic. I wanted it to give the feeling of possibility. 

And how do you see it evolving?

All my playlists are living things. As I add and remove songs, my goal is to keep it cohesive and flowing and true to how it makes the listener feel. 

What are your thoughts on the power of music and its contribution to the creative flow?

Music takes us to places inside our imaginations and hearts and souls. There, we access different, deeper parts of ourselves and, from there, we often find creativity. 


Do you have a favourite or particular song / artist that you come back to when you’re looking for a spark of inspiration?

I am a huge fan of Cannons and their dreamy, nostalgic music that sounds like the soundtrack to a coming of age story.


Where can people find you? Please feel free to share links and any upcoming future projects here - 

I’m on instagram at @francesmango and @francesmangophoto


Check out the playlist that Frances made for us here - 

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