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1 Exclusive Photoshop Action

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The Color Course

video no. 1

Color Theory & Psychology

While it’s important to learn the technical aspects of color grading, it’s essential to first understand color theory and the psychology behind color selection.

In this chapter, Bella uses examples from art history to analyze how color is perceived, the effects and emotions it can invoke in us, and illustrate why using color consciously can add another level of craft and storytelling to your work.

Length: 37.5 minutes
Included: Color wheel PSD

video no. 2

Introduction to Color Adjustments

With the theory in place, it’s time to focus on the practical aspects of constructing and refining color palettes in Photoshop.

This chapter walks you through Bella’s favorite tools and examines what each adjustment controls and its effects on an image. By the end, you will have the knowledge and, more importantly, the ability to create and control any color grade you have in mind.

Length: 38 minutes

video no. 3

Color Toning Start to Finish

Follow along with Bella as she applies the lessons from previous chapters and demonstrates how to color-grade an image from beginning to end.

Watch this chapter for a behind-the-scenes look at Bella’s signature color-grading process and gain insight into her thought process, how she selects colors, and the many nuanced decisions that impact the final result.

For those who prefer hands-on learning, we have also included an interactive .psd file of the image to assist you in following along and an exclusive Photoshop Action that showcases the final color grade.

Length: 34 minutes
Included: Sample PSD file; Titania Action

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ian Proctor
Old Dog…New Tricks!

Actually….Bella’s approach is far from a trick. Her approach is easy to understand and will open many doors for folks like myself who may have struggled with colour in the past. I applied her techniques almost instantly with wonderful results. This old dog really did learn something new. Highly recommend this series!

Ronald Winstone
Color course

What a delightful voice to narrate the course. Obviously passionate about the joy of Color
As a serious photographer who has even run a Contemporary Photography Group fir 9 years And a passion for Photoshop.
The course was a delight to follow and I encourage Bella to continue to provide more courses. Her understanding and skill in narrating this complex subject is highly commendable.
I think the introduction psychology etc gave a good basis to build on. The interpretation of the masters gave added meaning.
The final session was outstanding and the complexity of Photoshop was abele told, but I think this should be taken more slowly and more examples included. I was left with the feeling that I would need to repeat this session several times to really understand the subtleties of when to use the different Photoshop tools. However I feel that the course holds the answers as each tool was clearly and simply explained with no silly padding. I just want more examples to consolidate what is an outstanding course.
Keep it up

Katanya Gunning
Really great

I’ve found that The Colour Course is really helpful - I’ve learnt a heap, and really recommend it. Planning on purchasing the sister course shortly.

Tara McDermott
Very Helpful

I really enjoyed the breakdown of how the photoshop color tools work as well as Bella’s thought process when approaching color toning. Thanks so much!

Bryan York
The Color Course Review

I am halfway through the second course. Already I have learned a wealth of knowledge and have been greatly inspired to think about what colors I want to include in my pictures.

The one thing I might suggest and could benefit from as a disabled photographer is if there were PDF diagrams of the different color combinations. For know I am taking screen shots.

I am enjoying the course and thank you for sharing your knowledge!
I already told a friend about the class and value I am getting out of it!

Bryan York

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