"Autumn's Palette"

Thanks everyone for participating in last month's creative challenge to capture the cozy, nostalgic essence of Autumn! We loved seeing how you incorporated autumnal colors, themes, and concepts into striking images and hearing the stories of how they came to be.

Sifting through the many fabulous submissions, a few photos really leapt out at us for embodying the warm hues and magical spirit of the fall season. We're delighted to highlight these standout shots that evoked autumn's essence so beautifully.

Let these transportive images inspire you as much as they did us. We can't wait to see what you create for next month's creative challenge!

Please enjoy this selection of talent-spotted photos showcasing autumn's splendor!

Amazed by this piece by @julianicolaHere she captures @gwynblath’s fairy silhouette bathed in the glow of sunrise! Loving her choice to pair of our ‘Sunset in June’ photoshop action in this scene, and the touch of enchantment it adds to this already radiant moment!
Wings: @thewingsua

enchanting set by @julianicola!
"I wanted something simple but with the wow effect so I invited a hedgehog to my photoshoot. Of course I ask the owner if it will be okay for him. I want to show some emotions and textures occurring in autumn. Your actions helped me achieve the editing. I used Sunset in June and Once Upon a Time."

by @kathyservianphotography 'Autumn still life' 
It is a delight when we also get to see our actions on still life shots. This beautiful piece really channels that autumnal harvest season! Color toned with ‘Once Upon A Time’ and ‘Regal

By Lia Ko
"Colored with a touch of Regal, my all time favorite :)"

The atmosphere and glow in this piece really transported us into a magical world. We invite you to immerse yourself in Lia’s enchanting work 

In frame are the lovely @anja_cube and @sophie.lng_

Excited to share this lovely piece titled ‘The Spinner’s Daughter’ by @sonjahietalaphotography of @aadaorpana. 

We love how you explored all the natural light your new studio with this one, and these cinematic vintage tones you chose that really make those coppers shine!

Color grading with actions ‘Dandelion Dusk’ & ‘Regal’ and @infinitetools

by Pascal Simmonds
"Happy Autumn! I had been waiting all year to visit stourhead park in the UK especially to visit the Autumn colours. We managed to visit two weekends ago and it did not disappoint. If you get a chance I definitely recommend a visit!

These photos were colour toned with a mixture of the Inferno and Into the Woods actions, which really helped to bring those autumnal colours to life!

Incredibly honored to feature @mennatullah__hossam‘s work with the captivating @kamiliaelkayar

These autumn tones are a visual feast showcasing the rich and warm colors that define this enchanting season ~ featuring our Black Gold action with some layer tweaking.

We got the chance to know Menna more in an exclusive OTC interview which you can read here!

It’s a delight to discover more about her as an artist, her approach, and her inspirations. She’s a Canon EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) Ambassador, creator of beautiful fashion, beauty, and fairytale images, and she’s just published her first book! If you’d like to get to know her more, check out our blog post!

We love how @callastudios_ matches the warm tones of @dnicanix ‘s hair in this gorgeous autumn-colored set!

Featuring our Sahara Sky backdrop for the initial background layer and later using Flickering Firelight as final color grade! What a magical combo! 

by @sonjahietalaphotographyThe Amulet of Cosmos
I was lucky to work with this amazing model Aada a few weeks back. I'm happy with this picture and wanted to share it with you guys!

These three actions made it just the way I wanted it to look:

Witness the beauty of this autumn transformation by @artistic.captures.photography of @nacnud.k as the reigning fall queen. 
Pamela’s creative process and willingness to play continues to inspire us. 
This image uses our ‘Regal’ action!

Falling love with the beauty of autumn in New York through the lens of @jacklynlune.photos, featuring the radiant @rosario.briana_

The warm tones in these portraits are a dream! Color toned with our ‘Regal’ photoshop action and some Faded Film!

Showcasing the artistry of @danostergren, and the warmth captured in this magnificent portrait of his friend Caleb!

We invite you to pause and soak in those beautiful tones that add a special glow to the frame. Color toned with ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘Femme Fatale’ actions!

by talented @mishka.photo!
"This was my first session during the fall edition of @plenermagicgardens.
If I were to say that there are real fairies in the world I would immediately point to @fog_in_the_gardenShe is like a chameleon and can impersonate any magical, most wonderful being.  Because the truth is that she is one of the most wonderful being I have met. Beautiful with an even more beautiful soul. I'm glad that once again we could create magic together."

Colored with combination of actions: Stars in your eyes, Regal and Inferno


Thank you so much to everyone who participated and shared your artistry and wonderful stories with us!

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