We spend our childhood surrounded by stories—those told to us, those read to us, those we watch, and those we seek out. I was always drawn to tales of curiosity, wonder, and adventure, feeling closer and learning more from imagined characters than from the people I knew. Stories and storytellers are part of the human experience. The longer we live, the more we collect, the more the world teaches us, the more we learn on our own, and the more we want to share.

As I write this, I often wonder about the stories hiding within my magic mind—how can I bring them to light? How can I go further, channel them in a way that creates and forges connections with others, reminding them that they are not alone, that we all experience highs and lows, creative ebbs and flows, and that they are a miracle for existing in this moment of time?

All of us ~ dreamers, feelers, and storytellers.

In creating this collection, I pondered the same thoughts as when assembling other collections: How can I assist others on their creative journey? Color toning is a skill I’ve cultivated over time—it's what I know, what I love to play with, and what I can offer.

Through my collections and collaborations with guest artists, I hope our Photoshop actions ease some of the burden in your creative post-processing journey. I hope they offer possibilities for amplifying your vision and contributing to your creative growth, helping you tell the stories you want through your art.


So let's have a closer look at what wonders await for you in our latest special collection ~



The initial inspiration for this collection came from warm autumnal tones. As the dark nights set in, visions of cozy candles, fairylights, and the smoldering embers of a crackling fire guided me in choosing and color toning each image for the collection. 

Capturing this seasonal warmth and glow drove my decision to make this a Limited Edition release. This edition of the Fables Collection showcases gorgeous warm tones and has opened up possibilities for future editions featuring pastel, airy springtime hues or the cooler, brooding tones of fantastical winter realms.

I purposefully selected both outdoor images bathed in natural light as well as studio-captured shots. My aim was for the colors to remain versatile and evocative regardless of setting, equally enhancing location and controlled environments

So let's get to know each action more!  



The warm midtones and soft green shadows were the inspiration behind this action's name. At lighter opacities, it imparts subtle, bewitching colors, however when applied more heavily, it reveals bolder, more dramatic color hues.

Similar to the famed apple, this action unveils depths beyond the first impression.







While developing this action, I drew inspiration from cinematic aesthetics and how they so beautifully capture a mood or emotion in a fleeting moment. Pursuing this filmic approach led me to create adjustments that lend muted highlights and a soft, vintage warmth that brings unity to the color palette of any image that it is applied to.





Aetheria has become one of my favorite actions for its ethereal versatility spanning warm to cool tones. The subdued, muted nature of the colors captivated me with its moodiness.

This action includes adjustable layers inviting you to tailor the tones to realise your own creative vision for each image.






Remember the ballroom scene in Disney's Beauty and the Beast—the twirling yellow dress under the glowing golden chandelier, surrounded by the warm flicker of candlelight? I held that magical visual in my mind's eye while crafting each layer of this photoshop action, aiming to invoke some of that opulent atmosphere.

This action releases a gorgeous glowy color palette with rich, delicate tones designed to infuse your images with elegance and soft warmth. It shifts the mood from bold brilliance to tender romance as it interacts with light.








I hope you've enjoyed this behind the scenes look at the Fables Collection—what sparked its creation and where it is leading next. My wish is that with each new release, our color palettes will contribute to and inspire your creative journey by making visualizing and realizing your visions easier, bringing your stories to life!

Thank you for your support; please stay curious and continue nurturing your vision on this winding creative path we share.

Wherever your work takes you, I hope some touch of color or mood from this collection finds its way to enhance your unique aesthetic story. Keep dreaming, creating, and sharing your light in this life with your art!



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